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Constance Banquet started as a dream which stemmed from the love of making a plain and spacious room beautiful by adding colour, glamour, character, and style to it.

The Banquet can bring a Royal and extraordinary experience within the grasp of the ordinary person. It's like a multifaceted diamond or a rainbow-colored Kaleidoscope as it caters for everything from weddings to high profile functions, producing outcomes that meet the purpose of the present occasion, whatever it may be.

We also do cake decorating and floral arrangements and balloon delivery for public functions and the more private and conservative individual.

As decorating consultancy, Constance Banquet will listen to your desires and ideas and incorporate these to make the celebration of your achievement a successful, special, memorable and unique experience.

Working to the highest standard, Constance Banquet supplies quality service and products for the satisfaction of you, customers.

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Decorating consultancy
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