Constance Banquet Idyllic Island Cyprus Trip

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Constance Banquet Idyllic Visit to Paphos and its  Wonders...

Voyaging along Idyllic Island in Cyprus  (Paphos) was such an unforgettable experience that will be kept for a long time in our souvenir book.

Located on the southwest coast of the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus, Paphos is inhabited since Neolithic times. This mysteriously and wonderful city  has two sites relating the cult of goodness Aphrodite whose mythical birthplace was at Old Paphos  or Kouklia

The new Paphos visually looks very versatile as it assembles the harbor, the ancient ruins of tombs, Archaeological Park, Villas, theaters, and fortresses despite being a modern city.

The universe natural ingredients, like the sea, the sun, and the sand all put together spells a fantastic vacation.

The variety of foods and drinks are astonishing!  Absolutely certain that you will be well fed at Paphos, as you can feast on meze and sample the range of wines that are grown in the hills to the east of the town.

And for the children: A water park, zoo and an almost endless array of breaches.

Trip preparation & Wedding Decoration Plan

The quest was for about 50 guests or people. The initial contact with our couple, (future Married)  through planning, consultations, and meetings to discuss all the details and finally the actual decorating stage went relatively well.

The whole idea was advantageous and fulfilling. We arrived in Cyprus very late on Thursday to start with our flower arrangement(s). We brought a few flowers being aware that we will be able to get some flowers in the country.

The wedding was on Saturday. On Friday morning, we hired a car to take us around the town to look for the required flowers. Fortunately, we were able to get all the flowers to add to the ones we brought from London.

We started with our preparation by arranging the flowers and setting up the tents. We continued by putting up tables, fitting chair covers and arranging the cake table. By late afternoon, we have finished with the wedding ceremony’s set up. The wedding planner from Cyprus was fascinated by the type of decor we were able to offer to our client.

What they have to say about the Deco...

The married remarked, we would have been rated and ranked the best or amongst the top ten (10) if we were based and operating in Cyprus. We were very pleased knowing that it was our first wedding in Cyprus and also it was an opportunity for us to take part in designing an event of a life long memory for our esteemed couple clients.